Utensiltecnica: research, innovation, quality for the production of tools designed for the processing of PVC window frames

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Utensiltecnica has been designing and manufacturing tools for the processing of PVC, wood and aluminium since 1973, the year the company was founded. The company has always paid great attention to the production process of its tools: it invests, in fact, huge resources to provide the production department with the best numerical control (CNC) technologies that, together with the training of its highly qualified staff, give life to solutions that stand out for quality, precision, innovation, reliability, durability. In addition to this, an efficient and well-prepared after-sales service is available which, thanks to its streamlined, young and qualified structure, provides useful answers in a short time and safeguards the productivity and quality of its customers’ working cycles.

The company, which has always been present in the field of PVC windows and doors, has been able over time to solve the various problems related to the market demand for a better and better quality product. We are experiencing a growth in the market of PVC frames and in parallel to a demand for quality increasingly similar to that obtained with a wooden frame.

Knowing therefore the problems that must be solved to reach this objective, Utensiltecnica has conceived a set of tools always in evolution that assist the producer in his processes:

  • aluminum counterprofiles for welding
  • polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and solid carbide (HW) saw-blades for pvc cutting machines
  • cutters, router bits, drills and accessories for milling and drilling PVC profiles
  • cutter sets, cleaning knives and accessories for cleaning machines
  • carbide tipped (HW) milling cutter sets for end milling of steerings and rails
  • knives for manual cleaning of the welded seam

The PVC processing industry sees some major players proposing a technological offer of the highest quality level, enabling window and door manufacturers to continuously raise the bar of quality, thus meeting the high aesthetic standards imposed by the demanding architectural market and the technical standards imposed by the strict regulations on energy efficiency in buildings.

Utensiltecnica, by virtue of its experience and technical knowledge, is able to cover with its tools all the phases of the processing of the window frame: from the equipping of the cutting machines with its own saw-blades, to the cleaning of the welding seam and the assembly, passing through the other accessory removal processes useful for making holes and slits and creating supports to insert handles and hinges. Each phase, optimized by the use of Utensiltecnica’s tools, will create the optimal conditions to proceed to the next one, maintaining the high quality level of production and obtaining the excellence of the finished product.

The welding process of the PVC profile, in particular, is one of the window frame working processes on which a great deal of research is being carried out and whose results, in terms of aesthetic quality and thermal seal, are increasing at a great speed, also thanks to the driving effect of the increasingly demanding European regulations on the thermal transmittance of window frames. The welding machines available on the market today are able to produce perfect angles, characterized by great thermal resistance, guaranteeing excellent aesthetic results with the welding seam practically invisible. To allow these machines to operate in this range of excellence, Utensiltecnica offers its own range of welding blocks: counterprofiles for the welding of PVC profiles are the accessory that allows the bead resulting from the fusion and welding of the window frame to not overflow, thus allowing an excellent finish to be obtained right from the welding phase. The machine enables the operator to do the job well, but the counterprofile is the accessory that guarantees the aesthetic excellence of the welding.

Utensiltecnica offers three lines of counterprofiles that cover practically the entire range of welding machines for PVC frames: the Eco series, the Performance series and the Hi-tech series. The latest evolution from Utensiltecnica, the Hi-Tech Evolution Edge System series, designed and manufactured entirely by Utensiltecnica, makes it possible to control the weld bead even on the inside of the profiles. Edge System is compatible with any welding machine without the need for additional accessories and guarantees a very thin weld seam, thus avoiding clining the inside of the frame. Thanks to Edge System, you can obtain a finished product similar to a wooden frame, both for the creation of sashes and frames.

Moreover, thanks to its strong investment in machinery for the construction of counterprofiles and various tools, it is able to respond to the most varied market demands with production processes 24 hours a day.

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