Utensiltecnica and the Post-Coronavirus

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We’ll start again with an eye to the future!

The crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because the crisis brings progress. Creativity comes from anxiety as the day comes from the dark night. E ‘in the crisis that is inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies. Who overcomes crisis overcomes himself without being passed“.

Recalling the quote of the great Nobel Prize Albert Einstein, UTENSILTECNICA in this period of forced suspension of activities has not given up. Taking advantage of the forced rest, the foundations were laid for the restart: we have completed and updated our catalogues of tools for processing aluminium and PVC, and added to our catalogue of HW and PCD tools for processing wood and composite materials with new projects and products. Quality is always our main prerogative, for this reason, and in compliance with government directives, we have organized ourselves by shifts to continue to offer you our best service, as well as our first quality products with fast and constant deliveries.

In this period the men have limited movements, but fortunately the tools can still travel: we will continue to work for you, to produce and ship our tools in Italy and in the rest of the world, waiting for this storm to come to an end and hoping to welcome you as soon as possible in our booths for the national and international fairs upcoming n the future, or directly in our warehouse to show you the news we have designed in this period. We have worked hard to offer you products of the highest quality and precision, not discriminating the aesthetic of them.

In our catalogues you will find a wide range of tools with standard sizes, but the real strength of UTENSILTECNICA is the adaptability to every need, so, thanks to our technical department and the experience accumulated in more than 47 years of activity in this field, we offer you customized solutions that can be applied in many fields. But the heterogeneity of our products is not our only strength: we have rearranged and reorganized our production in order to assure you short and punctual deliveries, plus a constant support and technical assistance to face any emergency.

We were born working closely with the world of wood and we have made the quality of our PCD tools known throughout Europe, but we have grown in recent years by specializing not only in the processing of a wide range of composite materials, but especially in the PVC windows sector. Today, in fact, we can offer you tools that follow the entire production process in all its steps: from profile cutting, to welding, cleaning and details finishing. But we have also specialized in the world of aluminium profiles, which is constantly growing and which sees us as one of the most avant-garde realities in the whole Italian panorama.

Our intent and yours must be to start again and bring out of this “crisis” a great opportunity, a lesson that will give new life not only to our world, but to the whole Italian production system and the “made in Italy” brand. We are sure that together we will succeed: we are waiting for you and we look forward to offering you our best service, as always.

Quality and efficiency to overcome the emergency“: this is our motto!

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