Utensiltecnica and Lamello: innovation and quality are the shared ground on which this important partnership is based

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“The valuable collaboration with a dynamic and innovative group like Lamello is a reason for a continuous raising of our production standards and pushes us to design technically better tools that aspire to perfection. For this reason the partnership with Lamello is a very important asset” comments Andrea Uguccioni.

Lamello and Utensiltecnica share a common goal: to offer the woodworking industry high-performance and reliable solutions capable of adding value to their customers’ production processes.

Lamello, the world’s leading supplier of profiled milling assembly systems, has been renewing its trust in Utensiltecnica for years, entrusting the production of the Clamex P14 milling cutter that makes the grooves for the P-System jointing system, one of the most popular Lamello systems in the world.

Producing for a partner like Lamello means working within very high standards of precision: the milling cutters produced by Utensiltecnica constantly meet these standards of tolerance, balance and aesthetics. Utensiltecnica’s production strenght is calibrated to guarantee Lamello prompt and reliable responses both in terms of product quality standards and delivery terms: “an important challenge that we are very happy to face because collaborating with a partner like Lamello stimulates us to do better and better…and this becomes an advantage for all our customers,” concludes Andrea.

A business card of the highest level for Utensiltecnica, which confirms to be, since 1973, an innovative and reliable partner, able to give high-level answers to the requests of the different sectors it deals with.

For further information, visit Lamello website and look for Utensiltecnica among Lamello official design and production partners.

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