Tool sharpening service of Utensiltecnica: on the side of our customers to safeguard the performance of their tools

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Since 1973 Utensiltecnica has been designing and manufacturing tools for processing aluminium, PVC and for woodworking, in Solid Carbide – HW – and Diamond – PCD. The quality of the production process – from the design to measure, to the planning of the machining cycle, to the actual production – respects the highest standards to guarantee the end user a tool capable of providing great performance in the processing he’s been designed for.

In order to guarantee the maintenance of this performance over time, the company dedicates significant resources to the tool sharpening service, giving its customers fast, reliable and highly efficient answers.

Tool sharpening is a process of chip removal through CNC abrasion on PCD – Polycrystalline Diamond – or HW – Solid Carbide – parts of the tool. The consumed tool, which has therefore lost the original profile of the cutting edge, is restored in the correct cutting geometry and in total respect of the angles and edges that change depending on the processing and the type of material for which is designed. A tool that is not regularly (or correctly) sharpened provides inferior performance and finishing, but is also more exposed to a process of deterioration that is bound to worsen over time. For this reason, it is extremely important to resharpen correctly (with an optimal level of finishing) in order to guarantee a long life of the cutting edges as well as a perfect finish. Utensiltecnica’s tool resharpening and retipping service goes in this direction. Through the constant dialogue with the customer and the analysis of the tool’s condition, it allows to find possible damaged cutting edges to be resharpened or completely replaced. At the end of each operation the sharpened or retipped tool always goes through a strict quality control before being delivered to the customer.

The internal organization of its production department is focused to allow Utensiltecnica to provide fast, punctual and precise tool sharpening service: the latest generation of numerical control sharpening machines and highly specialized operators are the guarantee for the customer to have back a tool – in Diamond or Solid Carbide – perfect and durable.

Utensiltecnica has been investing in this particular operating area because it believes it is fundamental, even more so today considering the global difficulties in the supply of raw materials, to safeguard and correctly maintain the tools in order to secure the production of its customers. Regular mainteinance entrusted to expert hands guarantees a longer life of the tools and a higher quality of the pieces that are produced. In some cases a correct and regular resharpening can double the life cycle of a tool while maintaining its processing performance. On the other hand, a tool that is not regularly or properly resharpened will provide inferior performance and finishing.

Utensiltecnica provides:

  • reliable and fast response times
  • flexibility of replies and fast delivery times: great attention is given to the particular needs of the customer, calibrating our replies to meet the most urgent and complicated situations
  • very competitive prices
  • very high level of precision
  • longer lasting sharpening and sometimes even better that the original sharpening: in fact, technicians consider many geometric parameters when carrying out their operations, improving in some cases the performance of the cutting edge itself
  • complete service in all its steps: tool analysis and cleaning, consulting with the customer, ideal resharpening/retipping, balancing, final quality control, marking/labelling
  • coverage of a wide range of tools of our own production and/or produced by other manufacturers: the sharpening service is equipped to work also on special tools and tools not produced by Utensiltecnica. The technical drawing area is able, in fact, to internally process the geometric profile of the tool cutting edge to restore or even improve the cutting performance.

Utensiltecnica provides resharpening services on Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tools – router bits, cutters, saw-blades, knives, hoggers, tailored tools – and on Solid Carbide (HW) profiled knives.

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