The advantages of pcd tools for processing aluminium without lubrication: utensiltecnica’s advice for window and door manufacturers

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The vast majority of Italian window and door manufactuters who work with aluminium today rely on HW (Solid Carbide) tools. Since 1973, Utensiltecnica has been a reference point for the supply of high quality and precision tools. The company, by virtue of the great authority that the sector recognizes, acquired thanks to the experience and expertise gained in over 45 years of activity, is responsible for promoting with it’s interlocutors active in the processing of aluminium profiles the usage of PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tools without lubrication. The objective is to inform the window and door manufacturers about the many advantages generated by the use of diamond tools, compared to those in Solid Carbide.

The Polycrystalline Diamond – PCD – is an extremely hard material, able to give to the tools in which is applied great physical and mechanical properties that are more performing than those of Solid Carbide – HW – tools. The abrasive properties of PCD, together with the cutting geometries specially designed to process aluminium profiles without the use of lubricants, allow to obtain excellent finishes especially at high feed-speeds, and ensure a longer durability of the cutting edge, significally extending the life cycle of the tool.


In-depth studies and experiments of the use of this kind of tools without lubrication show how the “dry use” of PCD tools is able to generate excellent performance, equal to, if not better than, the use of the same tool, assisted by lubricant and coolant.

The use of “dry processing” tools implies important advantages for both the workpiece and the operator:

  • The workpiece does not require additional drying and cleaning phases;
  • The work space is much cleaner and there is no need for toxic fumes suction systems or disposal of waste liquids;
  • Drastic noise reduction.

All this, in economic terms, translates into a considerable saving for the window and door manufacturer who, compared to the higher cost of the tool, has an immediate economic return on the expense incurred for the purchase: the life cycle of the PCD tool is significantly longer than that of the same tool in HW, in addition to the fact that the cutting edge of the PCD is maintained much longer, thus reducing the downtime necessary to send the tools for resharpening and ensuring the maintenance of the level of finish over time.

In order to minimize the time needed to resharpen the tool, Utensiltecnica is committed to providing its customers with an excellent service that, thanks to the available technologies, the flexibility and the competence of the company, is able to protect their production from inconvenient downtime.

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