Why is it necessary to resharpen the tools?

Because tools that are not regularly or correctly sharpened provide lower performances and finishes, plus they are also exposed to a wear process that gets worst and worst over time. This is why it is extremely important to resharpen your tools correctly (with optimal cutting edges and finish grades) to ensure a long life of the cuttings as well as a perfect processing. UTENSILTECNICA offers you, thanks to technologically advanced machines of the latest generation, a precise and effective re-sharpening service that will make your tools look like new, always recommending the best solution with the guarantee of having re-sharpened and/or re-tipped the tool in a very short time thanks to the experience and technical skills acquired in this sector in more than 47 years of activity. Last but not least is the attention given to the special needs of the customer that is ensured to manage those urgent situations that we solve with constant and punctual assistance.

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What kind of tools do we resharpen?

UTENSILTECNICA is specialized in the resharpening of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools: router bits, cutters, saw-blades, knives, hoggers, special tools, etc. etc. of different sizes. But it’s also specialized in the resharpening of profiled solide carbide (HW) knives. Our strength lies in the very high-precision processings that we can provide thanks to the specialized technicians that have been guaranteeing an excellent service for many years, constantly growing, and which has met the approval of an increasingly large and loyal customer base. Moreover, every resharpened tool must always pass through a strict quality control before being sent back to the customer.

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Why should you trust us?

Because UTENSILTECNICA can count not only on the experience gained over all these years, but also on the ability to produce and design from scratch the same tools it can resharpen. This means knowing the object in detail so that we can always advise you on the most suitable solution for you and any improvements to be applied to the tool, as well as guaranteeing effective technical assistance.”

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