UTENSILTECNICA was founded in 1973 in Montegridolfo, nearby Rimini, thanks to the determination and experience of UGUCCIONI MAURO. In more than forty-five years of activity it has consolidated itself as one of the most important realities in the design and production of high quality and precision tools in Italy, also thanks to the continuity that the whole Uguccioni family has given to the life of the company.

Being a “spearhead” in the production of customized solutions for the processing of many materials (wood, aluminium, PVC, composite and extruded materials, etc.) is what has distinguished UTENSILTECNICA in these years, making it a name known to all experts in this field and characterizing its continuous growth and expansion in Europe and worldwide.

Why choose Utensiltecnica

47 Years in business
32 Countries served worldwide
2057 Special tool projects created in one year
99.7% Compliance